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Corporate tax filing and planning specializing in helping small business owners, professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Realtors, IT professionals)

Self-employed and subcontractors business tax filing and planning

Personal tax filing and planning including new immigrants coming to Canada, foreign income and verification reporting T1135

Non- Resident clearance certificate on disposition of property T2062 T2062A

Non- Resident rental income tax filing, withholding tax and filing NR4 NR6

Financial statement preparation

Accounting and business consulting

Payroll services including issuing slips for salary T4 and dividend T5

Bookkeeping services

GST application and filing


  • PASSION: I know it is hard to believe but I actually love tax… Although tax is tax it is my goal to make this process as easy and as less pain as possible… You may even enjoy it at the end if you are a positive person like me…

  • QUALITY: Our clients love us! Read the testimony!

  • RELIABILITY: You can always find me! I reply emails within a couple of hours. Never let anything sit and wait even when I am travelling

  • CONSISTENCY: There is only me you need to contact! I am always the one working with you on your year end financial statements and tax filing

  • PERSONALITY: I laugh a lot and enjoy meeting clients. My life philosophy is that I only work with people I like which is why I love my work. If you like what you do then it is not work anymore…


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