I have worked with several other accountants in the past and find Jane to be head and shoulders above the rest. She is professional, very organized, knowledgeable, and service oriented. I highly recommend her.

- By Karen Eng Sept 18, 2019 posted on Google Map

Jane is a breath of fresh air in one of those unavoidable aspects of life (taxes) that often feels like it’s trying to suck the life out of you. Sharp, witty and even hilarious at times, it’s refreshing to find someone that possesses these traits in addition to such a strong professional background and depth of experience and expertise in the field. Jane’s approach is thoughtful, solution oriented and always keeps your interests top of mind. She cares about providing the best possible service for her clients and this comes across in every interaction—Jane almost makes me wish that tax time came around more than once a year…almost ; )

- By Tara McNulty August 1, 2019 posted on Google Map

When I moved to BC, I didn’t have many established contacts in the area. When I interviewed four professionals to consider contracting as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) for my business, Jane became the selected candidate. I have gotten to know Jane well over the last few years and have found it a productive experience every time we are preparing a submission. Jane is reliable, personable and quick to identify problems and communicate solutions. Jane works within a team oriented mindset. Her knowledge base combined with her ability to gain insight and understanding of client business specifics results in focused execution within timeline goals. These combined qualities make for efficient processing within a two-way, solution driven environment. I consider Jane to be an above average CPA. Job well done. Thank you Jane !

- By Val A\CFO Motion Picture Published on Google Map 03/02/2019

I am very satisfied with Jane's tax service. Jane filed both my company's tax and my family's personal tax. She is very professional, and she always reply my email in an effective and efficient way. She is also very experienced and accountable. Due to her large client base, she can tell me all kinds of case scenarios and let me better understand the tax filing process. Hiring Jane could save me a lot potential trouble. Every extra penny deserves its value! I would definitely recommend Jane to my friends and clients! - By Ye T Published on Yelp 13/12/2018

Jane is fantastic - fast, dependable, has incredible work ethic and knows her stuff like the back of her hand. This is my second year doing Canadian taxes with her and just like last year it was an absolute pleasure. She is super fast, accurate, responsive, and hardworking responding, to emails within minutes. I found Jane Zhao by browsing reviews and can confirm first hand they are 100% accurate. Do not hesitate for a moment choosing Jane as your tax accountant in Vancouver

- By Anastasia H. Published on Yelp 05/12/2018

Jane is very good. She gets things done quite quickly and any changes are instant. She usually responds right away and is very helpful. She'll take the time to explain things and often will suggest a better option. She's always available for a chat when I need advice. I couldn't be more happier with her. Thanks Jane!

- By Jay Wu. Published on Google 11/12/2018

When I was fighting a battle with my messy and time sensitive tax issues, by god's grace, I stumbled on Jane. She listened carefully of my story, reviewed the details and provided valuable advice in a very short period of time in terms of how to respond and what to prepare. Magically, these issues were sorted out quickly and my life has completely changed, eased and worry-less. I was amazed at the high level of her professionalism, deep knowledge, caring of her clients, timely update of information/progress, reliability, accountability, and responsiveness. When you work with Jane, you will have peace of mind knowing that she will take good care of your tax matters.

- By Maggie X Published on Yelp 12/13/2018

We found Jane through Yelp and after reading her excellent reviews, we decided to contact her to help us with a difficult multi-year tax situation. She is all that the reviews say, and more! We were nervous before our first meeting but Jane quickly made us feel at ease. She answered all our questions and then some! She was also amazingly quick at answering any emails we sent (even outside of normal work hours). As for her work, she is absolutely amazing! She walked us through resolving our dilemma step by step with no judgement and had everything completed in ahead of our expectations - we will be forever grateful for her help and will be lifelong clients. If you are looking for an honest, reliable and truly helpful Accountant to help you out, look no further than Jane!

- By Teri R Nov 22, 2017 published on Yelp

Jane has been our family accountant for the last 2 years on both our business and personal accounts.  We have since been quite pleased with her service.  She is very knowledgeable and professional in her demeanor but yet makes us feel at ease when conversing with her. She has helped us considerably in organizing and upgrading our business bookkeeping and accounting.  She is happy to answer any questions we have without hesitation or delay.
Our family and business can give nothing but the highest recommendation to Jane and her staff for the quality of service she provides and will continue to request her services for years to come.  We are confident that she gives us the most educated and thorough returns at a very reasonable cost . . . and all that with her beautiful smile! Great job Jane!!!

- By Elizebeth S. Nov 6, 2017 published on Yelp

I chose Jane because of the excellent Yelp reviews - boy am I glad I did! I needed some help with my dad's final tax return after he passed; this included some capitol gains taxes. Jane was incredibly responsive & very helpful, even at what I'm sure is a ridiculously busy time of year for her. She was thorough and asked all the right questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for accounting or tax services, and would use her again personally if I needed an accountant for anything!

- By Lucy Q. May 5, 2017 published on Yelp

Jane helped us with our tax filing, she is knowledgeable and very responsive to our questions, we are very happy with her service. Definitely recommend her! - By Jason L. March 7, 2017 published on Yelp

Wow! This gal knows her stuff and will whip your taxes into perfect shape! She helped with many other aspects of our financial lives as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is also very reasonable and a really nice person.

- By Barb B.. March 4, 2017 published on Yelp

Jane Zhao prepared my tax return this year, and I was impressed by her professional knowledge and expertise, responsiveness, and communication skills. She proactively dealt with some complex reporting requirements for investment income, and clarified many tax issues for me. Highly recommended!

- By Alan M July 12, 2016 published on Yelp

I contacted Jane after some random online searching and it turned out to be good.  I think I am lucky to find such a good tax consultant who is knowledgeable, patient, efficient, and detail-oriented. We walked through my case several times.  Every time it took no more than an hour.  Though my case is not too complicated, one hour is still very efficient to get through all the details.  She is frank about what she knows and what she doesn't know, which makes her advises more reliable.  I recommend Jane if you would like to have a trustworthy tax consultant to help you out to file tax return.

- By Mou G July 6, 2016 published on Yelp

Jane helped us with our tax filing, she is knowledgeable and very responsive to our questions, we are very happy with her service. Definitely recommend her!  -

- By Jason L. July 3, 2016 published on Yelp

Jane is a very professional and knowledgeable chartered accountant and provides fantastic service. She has a great personality so it was really comfortable to talk with her. Jane was quick to respond to our questions via email and managed to prepare my family's tax return in a few days. I strongly recommend her for anyone who needs a good and reliable accounting service in the greater Vancouver area !

- By Y.C. June 9, 2016 published on Yelp

Jane did a fantastic job completing our family taxes for the 2015 tax year.  After speaking to family and friends I became skeptical of my previous accountant and felt as though he was a slightly more expensive H&R Block - offering little care and just hammering out as many returns as possible.We moved our services over to Jane this year and I couldn't have been more right! Jane's pricing is pretty competitive with other leading accounting firms on the North Shore... But her service goes above and beyond. Not only did she provide us with a filing much better than we had expected, she also found an error that my previous accountant made last year which will save us $1,000s of dollars over the coming years. Jane was always quick to respond to emails and I was never afraid to ask her questions. She was flexible with meeting times and is very knowledgeable and open.  She gave us the comfort needed at tax time! My wife and I both agree... Jane is our new accountant... Forever! Thanks again Jane for all your hard work and help!

- By Mike S. April 12, 2016 published on Yelp

Jane is extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with. She turned around our personal tax files within a few short days, was diligent about maximizing our refunds, and is extremely clear in all her communications. I'm so happy to have found Jane and highly recommend her services.

- By Nicole P. March 4, 2016 published on Yelp

I have received a 45-minute-long personal tax consultation with Jane. I am pleasantly surprised by her no-nonsense straightforward approach, her willingness to listen and understand the client's situation, and her quick solutions. Jane seems very knowledgeable and she certainly is extremely helpful. She really put my mind at ease. Now I know who to go to for any accounting or tax advice.

- By Olga K. Jan 27, 2016 published on Yelp

I'm amazed with Jane's tax return services. I gave her short notice of filing my Canada tax return  and she managed to prepare my and wife's tax return in 3 days.
She is very experienced and also a great accountant if you need consultant regarding tax across the border. In my case, I need to file both US and Canada tax return, this is nightmare and Jane makes my life much easier. Her charge is reasonable and you get what you paid for. Strongly recommend!

- By Jeffrey J. Nov 19, 2015 published on Yelp

Jane Zhao has done our family's taxes for the past 5 years. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and always gets us money back! We do not live in the same city as Jane, so we send our material to her by courier and she takes it from there, filing for us from her own office. She is always very careful to check every possible angle for tax savings, and very promptly emails with her questions, ideas for potential savings, and reminders to send forgotten material, etc. She brings warmth and a personal touch to her work, but don't let that fool you - Jane is savvy, professional, experienced, and simply the best at what she does (she left a senior management position at a major accounting firm to start her own business). I hope never to work with anyone else!

- By Jen B May 25, 2015 published on Yellow Page

Jane is a very professional, personal and efficient accountant. I had a great experience with her as a new small business owner. She was patient in helping me understand small business tax and explained things clearly. I no longer have any anxiety around filing taxes knowing that I have such a great accountant to help me out.

- By hlaine May 13, 2015 from published on Yellow Page

This Chartered Accountant was very professional and very knowledgable. I found that although my needs were very complex she was able to give me answers in a very timely manner and was ready and willing to get the job done. Now, I can forget the tax man until next year.

- By ghantoques April 15, 2015 published on on Yellow Page

I enjoyed working with Jane and have her help me with my return. Jane is professional, warm and friendly. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with small business. She's fast in her responses with my questions. Highly recommended to anyone who's looking for an accountant.

- By Joyhung April 6, 2015 published on on Yellow Page

Jane is a very knowledgeable and professional accountant. I appreciate her specialization in personal accounting and tax needs for small business owners. I also appreciate her quick replies to my emails or calls regarding my questions. It's great to have an accountant who cares for clients' tax needs as well as future tax planning.

- By reviews2015 April 6, 2015 published on on Yellow Page

I have contacted Jane over Christmas break as I need to have my tax filed right away. I am impressed by how professional she is and how fast she responds and very patiently to explain any of my questions! She did effective tax planning for my company to minimize my tax. I would say she did a great job , I have such happy experience with Jane and she is the best accountant I have used”.

- By Li R March 31, 2015, published on on Yellow Page

Jun is very prompt in her communications and very professional. She has been managing both my personal and corporate tax advisory and all filings. She has a wide range of experience and was an expert at both advising me when I had only myself as an employee as well as once I was adding contractors and other employees and shareholders. I would certainly recommend Zhao & Associate to any business.

- By David J. Edmonton, AB 10/13/2015, published on on Yelp

Jane is an extremely knowledgable and resourceful Chartered Accountant.  Her patience, attention to detail and good naturedness make even the most complex tax issues simpler and clearer. I am confident in her abilities, and I strongly recommend her to my most valuable clients.

- By Mabs M. Vancouver BC 10/14/2015 published on on Yelp


- By Hong C. West Vancouver 10/30/2015, published on on Yelp

Jun is very efficient and knowledgeable.  Her vast experience allows her to handle my personal and corporate tax filings with expert efficiency.  She is very personable and pleasant to deal with.  She has become a trusted advisor of my business and I most definitely would recommend her services

- By Chad N. Edmonton AB 10/14/2015, published on on Yelp

Highly competent, professional,  prompt in response all my questions! Jane is awesome, she understands all my concerns as a  self- employed realtor and gives so much valuable suggestions on personal taxes file! I would certainly recommend Zhao & Associate to any business

- By Jennifer S. North Vancouver 10/13/2015, published on on Yelp

I was new to running a small business, so Jane walked me through the process, setup all the necessary government filing (payroll, GST, etc) and had me up and running very quickly.She also suggested some tax filing scenarios that will help me save $$ at tax time, all this at a very affordable price. I highly recommend using her services.

- By Robin B. West Vancouver 10/13/2015, published on on Yelp

Jane has been my accountant for the last 5 years. She is always up to date on the latest tax benefits and has a long experience with small business and personal tax issues. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for peace of mind around tax time.

- By hhawes December 24, 2014, published on on Yelp